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I added you. ^^ Love the FO banner.

Hi! I really like your original writing! Add me, please?

Hey I saw you in an add me comunity, yay for sophmore english majors who love theatre...thats basically me also

Add me?

seen you in _add_this_lj

add me?

i found you in an addme community.

you said you wanted some friends,so I added you!
have a good day!


re: your post asking for info on ECT

2007-08-29 05:39 pm (local) (link)
i have psychotic depression, which is similar to schizoaffective disorder. ect has absolutely saved my life a couple of times. the first time i had it, it was done bilaterally with a heavy pulse and i had terrible retrograde amnesia, deja vu and couldnt even remember how to do simple tasks, but the depresssion was gone, and the psychosis, for at least a little while. the most recent time i had it, i had modified bilateral and had a much better time with it. still lost big chunks of memory, but not important stuff, and much less memory loss than the last time. and after this most recent treatment i've actually been in remission for a while!!!!

from what i've read, it's never been successful with schizophrenia, unless the person is severely catatonic it sometimes helps. but for severe depression with psychoses it is an absolute blessing and the best thing that has EVER worked for me in 16 years of treatment. please please please don't write another book about how "barbaric" ect is......NOT giving ECT to a seriously suicidal and psychotic person is what's barbaric.
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2007-08-29 05:59 pm (local) (link)
oh and a good book to read to understand how ECT works is "Shock" by kitty dukakis and larry tye. and if you want more personal experience info, feel free to contact me by leaving a note in my journal

(i added these comments late and was not sure you got them)

Re: your post asking for info on ECT

I did get them but thank you for making sure! Your response was really helpful and I will definitely contact you if/when I need more information. Thanks again!

Re: your post asking for info on ECT

well sorry for the cross posting, then *hee* it's just a topic i feel very passionate about as i've had both the bad and the good experiences of it.

best of luck with your writing!

Re: your post asking for info on ECT

This is a little delayed, but do you mind if I friend you?

Re: your post asking for info on ECT

not at all.....though my journal is a lot more about my spiritual journey than my psychological one LOL

Re: your post asking for info on ECT

its all good. if you can take mine, i can take yours, lol

Re: your post asking for info on ECT

great so i can add you too?

Re: your post asking for info on ECT


Hello, i came across your journal quite by accident, but i think we'd get along! Come check out my journal and (if you want) my myspace

We rentheads need to stick together!

(what do wicked fans call themselves, i'm new to wicked)

lol, I will definitely add you! Rentheads do need to stick together, along with...Wicked people? I don't know what they are called...I've heard some really weird ones. Ozians? Or like...something about Shiz, etc.

Eye heart new friends!

(Deleted comment)
Um, Feeling Electric is love. Found you through the comm. Add me? *fails so hard at these things*

Lol, definitely adding you.

i had to add you. i found you in pervy icons, and you have excellent taste in musicals (the last five years, omg!). i also write, am a witch, etc

hope you'll add me!

Hi! I noticed you on LJ Secret, then discovered that there was creative writing and theatrelove involved! HUZZAH!

Do you mind if I add you?

Ah, new friends! Of course you can add me!

Pleasee, do you have the audio of Michael C Hall playing Emcee in Cabaret????

please, send to my email

we seem to have many things in common (+ADAM RAPP, mucho theaterage). mind if i add? :)

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